Thursday, November 3, 2016

October 2016

  Two groups are listed, so make sure to scroll to the bottom!

If you are interested in joining the Open Swappers Card Group, please read the tabs at the top of the home page for information regarding joining and the rules of the group swap.

Please enjoy the creations below.

Group 1

Debbie Seleni (New York)

Tonya Tabb (Pennsylvannia)

Shirley Rodgers (Nevada)

Kristine Chubb (Nevada)

Dara Carrasco (Georgia)

Donna Smith  (Alaska)

Ingrid Allen (Nevada)

Karen Bukowski (Nevada)

Group 2

Connie Capps (Texas)

Kristine Chubb (Nevada)

Mary Lou Cevasco (Nevada)

Judy Harrison (Florida)

Carol Deegan (Montana)

Darcy Campbell (Oregon)

Linda Ray (Florida)

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