Wednesday, February 1, 2017

January 2017

I am very excited to begin the 2017 year card swap with the creative artists of the Open Swappers! This year there are two groups swapping each month. I am proud that my wee little group has grown and is now national!  I hope you enjoy the cards below and take the time to leave a message in the comments section!

First up this month is Group 2 of the Odd Month Swappers. I will be back soon to post the creations of Group 1, so come back and see all 15 cards!

Thanks for stopping in!
Group 1 Odd Months
Ingrid Allen (Nevada)

Ann Campbell (Nevada)

Rebecca Cisneros-Clark (California)

Tammy Dineen (Washington)

Megan McKinlay (Nevada)

Shirley Rodgers (Nevada)

Audra Schoch (New York)

Jen Sworthout (Washington)

Group 2 Odd Months
Lacey Auvigne (Washington)

Sandy Bair (New Jersey)

Kristine Chubb (Nevada)

Michele Cox (Texas)

Jo Lawrence (Nevada)

Lisa Minor-Mackey (New York)

Maureen Scripa (New York)