Sunday, May 15, 2011

May 2011

Swappers participating this month:
Ingrid Allen
Jo Lawrence
Karen Bukowski
Kimberley McCubbins
Kim Goodsell
Kristine Chubb
Rhonda Beadell
Susie Meinzer
Trish Hernandez

Use the comments box to make guesses, comments on a card, or just rave in general. :-)

CARD #1: Rhonda

CARD #2: Jo

CARD #3: Kimberley

CARD #4: Trish

CARD #5: Kim G

CARD #6: Karen

CARD #7: Susie

CARD #8: Kristine

CARD #9: Ingrid


  1. Okay - I am not going to guess on all of the cards because that would give away my own, but here goes...
    -At first I thought card 1 (airplane)was Rhonda's cuz she makes "boy" cards but then I saw the classic truck (another boy card) so I am torn.
    -I love Kristine's, card 8. I will have to copy that one.
    -I think card 7 (for you butterfly) is Jo's. The style reminds me of the two she made in the last swap. Which I am sending out in June,(as my own)to birthday people!
    -Who has kids and the bug set?? Maybe Karen because she is good with square cards.
    -I don't know Kimberly and Suzie's styles yet but Ingred usually has a vintage feel. She could have done the number 1 plane card as well.
    -My boys loved the googly eyes on the card 2 frog!
    -Who's good at mixing and matching the DS paper on card 9? I have trouble just matching DS to solid cardstock and thats spelled out for me!
    Awesome cards ladies!!

  2. Kim's guesses:
    8-Trish if she is out of the bug stage!

  3. Rhonda # 1
    Jo # 7
    susie # 4
    Trish # 5
    Karen # 2
    Kimberly # 3
    Kim # 6
    Ingrid # 9
    Kristine # 8

  4. 1. Rhonda
    2. Kimberley
    3. Jo
    4. Trish
    5. Kim (she borrowed the set from me!)
    6. Karen
    7. Susie
    8. Kristine
    9. Ingrid
    This was much harder than I thought it would be!!! Great swaps ladies. I can't wait to get them!

  5. Okay, here are my deduction picks (if Kim got 2 right and Anonymous got 4 right

    1. Rhonda
    2. Karen
    3. Kimberly
    4. Trish
    5. Kim
    6. Susie
    7. Jo
    8. Kristine
    9. Ingrid
    Now how many did I get right? AND RHONDA, HOW DID YOU KNOW THAT WAS MINE?!