Wednesday, July 6, 2011

June 2011

Swappers Participating:
Ingrid, Jo, Karen, Kim, Kimberley, Kristine, Michelle, Rhonda, Susie, Trish

Card 1: Kimberley

Card 2: Rhonda

Card 3: Susie

Card 4: Michelle

Card 5: Kristine

Card 6: Trish

Card 7: Ingrid

Card 8: Jo

Card 9: Karen

Card 10: Kim


  1. Okay, here goes:
    1-Kimberley (My son explained to me that I will have to make more of this card.)
    2-Rhonda (Fancy folding!) (My son made sure I saw this one too, "Momma, Momma, Momma, look look, look!"
    4-Karen (This one is my favorite and I will definately have to make more of them!!)
    6-Trish (I am sure you guys could spot mine a mile away. Sorry I had embellishment block. I had the card designed on June 2 and spent the next 30 days trying to embellish.)
    8-Jo (My son also asked me to make more copies of this one too. I think it was the sparklies.)
    10-Michelle (Perfect timing. I just used up all of my baby cards. I'll copy this one and restock! Who has this stamp set? Oh wait, I probably do.)

    Awesome cards ladies!!

  2. Great cards ladies! Thanks you Kristine for making this website. Sorry I couldn't join this go round but love getting to see the swaps anyways! Happy stamping!


  3. 1. Kimberley
    2. Rhonda
    3. Susie
    4. Michelle
    5. Kristine
    6. Trish
    7. Ingrid
    8. Jo
    9. Karen
    10. Kim

    I made a big long narrative on how I guessed, but it didn't post. Mostly Trish helped me out with her guesses. Awesome cards ladies!!!