Friday, March 30, 2018

March 2018

Welcome to the Open Swappers for March!  This month, Group 2 members have their swaps in first, so they are first up for view.  Come back later for the postings of Groups 1 and 3!

Group 2
Large group

Darcy Campbell (Oregon)

Elizabeth Corn (Utah)

 Michele Cox (Texas)

Nancy Drury (California)

Charmane Hopkins (Texas)

Lisa Oates (Colorado)

Amy Strain (Ohio)

Ann Campbell (Oregon)

Group 3
Small Group

Sandy Bair (Florida)

Kristine Chubb (Nevada)

Judy Harrison (Florida)

Nora Hernandez (Ohio)

Linda Ray (Florida)

Lacey Auvigne (Washington)

Group 1
Large Group

Debi Evans (Ohio)

Tawnya Hall (West Virginia)

Kristi Johnson (Indiana)

Mary Jo Kersey (Texas)

Jo Lawrence (Nevada)

Tabetha Lawson (Texas)

Ingrid Allen (Nevada)

Kristine Chubb (Nevada)

Rebecca Cisneros-Clark (California)

Jocelyn Clark (Washington)


  1. WoW group 2! Some very beautiful, above and beyond cards this month! Excited to see the other 2 groups when they are up ❤️

  2. All of the cards are wonderful! I love your balloon card Lacey!