Tuesday, May 1, 2018

April 2018

Welcome to the Open Swappers for April!  This month, Group 2 members have their swaps in first, so they are first up for view.  Come back later for the postings of Groups 1 and 3!

Group 2

Tabatha Lawson (Texas

Trish Quilici (Nevada)

Joan Rop (Michigan)

Debbie Seleni (New York)

Amy Strain (Ohio)

Karen Bukowski (Nevada)

Kristine Chubb (Nevada)

Tammy Dineen (Washington)

Mary Jo Kersey (Texas)

Jo Lawrence (Nevada)

Group 3

Cyn Philllips (Tennessee)

Kari Cline (North Dakota)

Tonya Tabb (Pennsylvania)

Michele Cox (Texas)

Kimberley McCubbins (Nevada)

Susie Meinzer (Nevada)

Group 1

Tawnya Hall (West Virginia)

Kristi Johnson (Indiana)

Corinna Wirth (California)

Ingrid Allen (Nevada)

Rebecca Cisneros-Clark (California)

Dara Carrasco (Ohio/Virginia!)

Mary Lou Cevasco (Nevada)

Kristine Chubb (Nevada)

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